The Oast Lounge Club Rules

  1. The Management and staff reserve the right to refuse admission to any member or their guest.
  2. The Management accepts no responsibility for any item of property lost or left on the premises.
  3. Application for membership must be made on The Oast Lounge Club’s official application form available in the club or to download via our website.
  4. Photographic identification must be shown before acceptance of membership and full payment must be received before membership is granted.
  5. A member can introduce up to 3 guests per visit who must sign the visitor’s book upon entry and pay the appropriate fee.
  6. The member will be held responsible for the conduct of his or her guest at all times.
  7. Membership cards must be produced upon entry.
  8. Membership cards are non transferable and remain the property of the club and all membership fees are non refundable.
  9. The use of illegal substances is strictly forbidden on the premises and anyone found to be in possession of or using them will be barred.
  10. Members and guests who are found to be acting in an unacceptable manner will be refused further alcoholic beverages and will be asked to leave the premises.
  11. Every member and guest must pay all expenses incurred by him or her before leaving the premises.
  12. Membership entitles the use of all facilities (subject to type of membership acquired) everyday (Unless unavailable see rule 13) between the published opening hours these are subject to change without notice.
  13. The club and facilities may not always be open/available due to maintenance, repair or any pre arranged matches, functions or activities.
  14. All equipment within the club remains the property of the club. Members are expected to treat the club and property with care and return all equipment after use. Any member or guest who damages club equipment will be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement.
  15. Only food and drink purchased at the club may be consumed on the premises.
  16. No loitering on premises or outside vicinity after closing hours.
  17. No under 16 year olds are allowed in the bar area unless accompanied by an adult.
  18. No under 18 year olds are allowed to be on the premises after 7pm on a Friday and Saturday.
  19. Strictly No Admittance for Members or guests after 11pm under any circumstances.
  20. Renewal of membership will be on an annual basis (date to be confirmed) any member failing to pay their subscription within 28 days from the renewal date will be deemed to have terminated his or her membership.
  21. Members and guests must wear tops at all times. Helmets and hoods are prohibited to be   worn whilst on the premises.
  22. Social membership entitles the member use of the bar and lounge facilities plus darts, table  top football and gaming machines.
  23. Full membership, family membership and junior membership entitles the member to use in addition to the social membership facilities the use of all snooker and pool facilities. (Subject to any age or height restrictions).
  24. Should you lose your membership card a replacement card will incur a charge.